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Homeless in America

Homeless in America


It’s a word that sits uncomfortably with many people. Homeless, it is not a place anyone wishes to find themselves in and yet it happens all over the world and each and every day someone, somewhere ends up being homeless.

Visit any city in pretty much any country and you will find homeless people, some drunk on the side of the street, some babbling to themselves and some just sat, looking lost, feeling alone and feeling rejected. There are not only individuals but there are families that end up homeless and some who have even been born into homelessness. Many of us turn a blind eye; blame the homeless for making the streets look untidy and even do all we can to avoid homeless people.

What people see in homeless people is a stereotype; people see a homeless bum, a drunk, a criminal, a drug addict or just a total social drop out. What people don’t see is the story behind the homeless, the hard facts of a life a million miles from your own. People don’t stop to even think if someone, somewhere cares for this homeless person, does anyone miss them or think of them?

The reasons for becoming homeless are multiple, some reasons seem to be petty, others a fault of society and others deep and painful but when the reasons for being made homeless and the story of the individual is understood the attitude towards the filthy, unwashed bum with the shopping cart changes.  Have you taken the time to think why someone is homeless? Have you considered that by some turn of fate that it could be you struggling just for somewhere to sleep that is warm, dry and secure?

Perhaps not, very few people actually take the time to put themselves in the shoes of a homeless person. “It could never happen to me” you say to yourself and yet sadly the person with the dirty face, holding a young filthy child looking up at you with eyes of sadness begging for some change also once said the same. A change in circumstances, an abusive relationship, loss of a job, an addiction to some substance or other, a small and seemingly insignificant fact of life placed one person on the street and another in suburban comfort. Stop, think and consider yourself, your loved ones and just how easy one small twist of fate could change everything.

The fact is homelessness is a very human thing; it’s part of the cruel and tough world we live in but it can be eased. Whether it can be cured and eradicated is perhaps too much to ask, the challenges that bring about a homeless situation vary from country to country, state to state, city to city and person to person but Homelessness can be eased and can be addressed. The We Care Now through their Heart for the Homeless project is just one organisation that plays a part in helping the homeless. We Care Now seek to share the joy of Thanksgiving with those who are homeless. We Care Now want to show gratitude for the lives, the spirits, and their appreciation of all that they have.

Your small donation, your thought, your care can make all the difference to a homeless person. Consider your donation, be thankful for what you have and play a part in rebuilding the life of a homeless person or family. Donate today http://wecarenow.org/donate/