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What about the homeless?

What about the homeless?

We see them every day in every major city in the world. As we drive to work they are there at the entrances and exits to freeways, signs around their neck asking for a handout. We intensely ignore them and in fact, it has become a skill not to make eye contact though sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. We may comment to our fellow passengers that the person is too young to be homeless, that they should get a job and make a decent living. We feel self-righteous saying these things but as the number of homeless people continues to increase we know deep within us that there has to be something that can be done to help the homeless most especially, homeless families.

These days children are becoming more homeless as a result of several disaster which they couldn’t help, they live in cardboard boxes under the freeway overpasses and huddle for warmth around kerosene fires. These children are the true victims of the current economic crisis and the numbers of children who are homeless and beneath the poverty line is seriously staggering in this.

It is one thing to deny help to a homeless man and quite another to ignore the plight of these innocent children. They are caught in the political crossfire and as states battle with budget deficits, the first things to be eliminated are the social programs such as welfare and child aid.

We cannot allow ourselves to become hard hearted as a society, as a people, that we ignore the plight of these innocents. The only way to helping these homeless children is to establish organizations, which will see to the affairs of these future generations.

Homeless people are many times more prone to getting and spreading communicable diseases than people in the general population. Homeless children are at even higher risk since they do not know how to properly clean themselves and also, have no facilities to do so were they so trained and inclined.

We can’t just give them a meal or two, clean them up and send them back out to face the rigors of the street. In order to help homeless people we need to educate them, help them find jobs, treat them as if they were members of our families, which they are, provide medicine and health services for them, and above all, provide them with shelters where they can safely live and be cared for in an intensive, holistic and long term way. If everyone would just look into their hearts and give a little each day, or each week, or even each month, the problem would be solved in no time.

If truly you believe that anybody could be a victim and helping these homeless children is our duty, your support towards providing the basic amenities to these homeless children will be highly appreciated.

Contact us today. With your sincere donation, you can save a life!

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