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Our Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision Satement

We Care Now believes in the inherent value of Children and their families, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, or disability.

We Care Now sets out expectations as to how employees will interact with each other, guides relationships with partners and supporters and shapes interactions with those holding differing opinions and beliefs. We are “One Team,” committed to working together to the highest standards of honesty and integrity to achieve transformative goals for our team, supporters, and our clients. We strive to:

  • Always use the best available science to inform and guide our decisions and priorities, but recognize that it may not always be the sole driver of our actions;
  • Balance idealism with pragmatism, focusing on creating solutions rather than just identifying problems;
  • Be fair, honest, open-minded, collaborative and respectful in all of our internal and external interactions;
  • Be truthful and accurate in our inner and external communications, acknowledging and rectifying our errors when we make them;
  • Regardless of political affiliation, collaborate with others who share our commitment to Children and their families;
  • Measure our performance by the achievement of lasting solutions consistent with our mission, long-term goals, and priorities;
  • Value and respect the critical contributions of our members and supporters;
  • Use our resources wisely, thinking big and maximizing the impact and effectiveness of our advocacy work;
  • Value innovation, being willing to take responsible risks to advance Children lives;
  • Minimize our impact on Children and the environment by conserving resources in our daily work; and
  • Routinely assess both our successes and our disappointments, learning from those experiences and adapting our strategies and tactics as necessary.

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we care about their welfare and professional growth—we will always listen to our co-workers’ suggestions for improving our operations. Empowerment fostered throughout all levels of our organization through clarity of authority and accountability. We value the unique perspectives and backgrounds of our employees and work to expand the diversity of our workforce, board of directors and coalitions.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower, educate and elevate members of the underserved community, so that they may become self-sustaining and productive contributors to society.

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